Date of Award

Spring 2023

Document Type

Doctoral Dissertation

Degree Name

Education, Ed.D.



First Advisor

Dr. Julie Kalnin

Second Advisor

Dr. Gary Beckley

Third Advisor

Dr. Bruce Weitzel

LC Subjects

High school dropouts; Academic achievement; Student achievement; Teacher-Student relationships; Education organizations


This research explores who is at risk of dropping out of high school and how collaborative Student Support Teams can contribute to students staying on track to graduate high school. The issue of student success is important because graduation is positively correlated with important life outcomes and ability to earn an adequate income in the labor market. For this paper, “at-risk students” is defined as students considered in danger of not graduating, not being promoted, or not meeting other education-related goals. The research looks at high school dropout indicators and how the Collaborative Response Model contributes to student success in school. The results will inform the ways in which society, particularly education system support teams, can positively support youth who are at risk of early school leaving.


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