Emily Peterson

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Dr. Andrew Nuxoll


Donald P. Shiley School of Engineering


Computer science students in the Shiley School of Engineering complete a capstone project during their senior year. The project discussed here is a result of a collaboration between the Global Emancipation Network (GEN), an industry nonprofit group, and the University of Portland. GEN works to combat human trafficking through analysis of data gathered from a variety of sources and this capstone project worked to look at a subset of data scraped from the escort website to see if any important trends could be found which could later be applied to prevent human trafficking. The web postings on the website advertised potential trafficking victims for sex work, and these posts were analyzed to correlate users with shared identification information between posts. Itineraries of potential movement of trafficking victims between locations were created to highlight any major trafficking corridors which can show geographical areas for law enforcement focus and reveal patterns of trafficking victim travel that can later contribute to identifying and intervening in specific situations. This capstone project shows the potential of working with large datasets scraped from the web to gather information that can be used to combat human trafficking.


Human trafficking; Quantitative research; Computer Science

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CS 483H Senior Honors Project

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