Audrey Beattie

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Dr. Heather Dillon


Donald P. Shiley School of Engineering


This project was a component of a larger solar thermal project that has been taking place at the University of Portland over the past four years, with the overall intention of producing a functioning solar thermal organic Rankine cycle. The parabolic trough will aid in providing input energy to the Rankine cycle. The team chose to use a parabolic trough for its simplicity, durability, and cost effectiveness. The project will be judged against a series of metrics determined by design constraints and function requirements, all of which are related to the problem statement and future users. The team produced various ideas to increase its effectiveness such as including a tracking system that ensures prolonged direct solar radiation to the trough and considering different shapes for the water line that would provide the most effective heat transfer. At the conclusion of the project, the team produced a robust, single module trough with a passive temperature data collection system that should serve the students and faculty at the Shiley School of Engineering for the upcoming years.


Solar thermal energy; Rankine cycle

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ME 483 / ME 484 Senior Honors Project

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