TeamLift - Malawi Irrigation System

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TeamLift - Malawi Irrigation System

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Niki Schulz, PE


The UP capstone team partnered with the nonprofit TeamLift, to design an irrigation system powered by solar energy for a 7-acre farm located next to St. Mary’s Secondary School for Girls in Malawi, Africa. The irrigation system will improve living conditions for the students by providing plant-based proteins for the 600 students attending the school. Optimizing water demands from a bore hole onsite and utilizing solar pumps and panels, the irrigation system will supply water to a drip network that efficiently waters row and bed crops. This farm will decrease the cost of purchasing food from outside sources for St. Mary’s and act as a “classroom” for local farmers to increase awareness about the benefits of irrigation.

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EGR 483 – Multi-disciplinary Capstone Project I

EGR 484 – Multi-disciplinary Capstone Project II

2020 Shiley Showcase Presentation

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TeamLift - Malawi Irrigation System