WildMe - Family Tree/Co-Occurrence Visualization

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WildMe - Family Tree/Co-Occurrence Visualization

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Open Access


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Martin Cenek, PhD


Wildbook, a project by WildMe, is an open-source, online research platform capable of storing, visualizing, and analyzing data to aid in wildlife conservation efforts and biological research. The UP WildMe capstone project, Family Tree/Co-Occurrence Visualization, overhauled WildMe’s existing visualization suite through expressing a greater depth of wildlife data features (gender, age, relationships), providing intuitive data expressions (color, symbols), and allowing for interactive visualization via dynamically applicable filters (node count, geodesic, spatial, temporal).

Project Information

CS 483 – Computer Science Capstone Project I

CS 484 – Computer Science Capstone Project II

2020 Shiley Showcase Presentation

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WildMe - Family Tree/Co-Occurrence Visualization