Vertical Flight Competition

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Vertical Flight Competition

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Open Access


Industry Advisor

Norma Gowans

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Christy Ivler, PhD


The UP Vertical Flight capstone team endeavored to become UP’s first team to compete in the Vertical Flight Society’s (VFS) 8th Annual Student Micro Air Vehicle (MAV) Design Competition. The team designed a remotely piloted quadcopter capable of picking up and dropping off a package to comply with rules provided by VFS. The team built their design using purchased components and custom designed parts, and qualified for competition by providing video evidence and written documentation. Following the results of the virtual competition, the drone will be used to conduct research on behalf of the University.

Project Information

ME 483 - Mechanical Engineering Capstone Project I

ME 484 - Mechanical Engineering Capstone Project II

2020 Shiley Showcase Presentation

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Vertical Flight Competition