Rexnord - Gearbox vs. Direct Drive

Rexnord - Gearbox vs. Direct Drive

Weston Beilsmith
Kaylee Guerrero
Declan Kerwin
Danielle Parmer

ME 483 - Mechanical Engineering Capstone Project I

ME 484 - Mechanical Engineering Capstone Project II

2020 Shiley Showcase Presentation


The UP Rexnord capstone team has, through research and a planned test, compared traditional electric drive systems that use gearboxes to a new generation of electric motors that eliminate the need for a gear reduction. Called direct drives, these motors mount directly into a system and provide rotary power without a shaft of their own. Rexnord, a manufacturer of traditional gearboxes and couplings used in power transmission, asked the team to determine if direct drives pose a competitive threat to their business.