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Dr. Kenneth Lulay


The Hyster Yale Load-Dimensioning System group is working to create an automated, volumetric measurement system to determine the volume of loads for shipping companies. Previously, companies using these shipping services have been charged for both weight and volume of the packages. However, companies would alter these numbers to be less than the true size of the load in order to save cost on shipping. This equates to a large loss in profit as the shipping company is not being paid for its full work. The goal of the project is to create an on-board solution to correct these measurements, therefore saving the shipping company loss in profit. The final product is to measure boxes of all shapes and sizes in order to accommodate for irregularly shaped products being shipped. The system will be activated by a push of the button from the forklift operator, causing the system to take the measurement and correlate it with the inputted serial number of the shipment. This report will explain the actions taken to create the goal design along with all the updates in the process.

Project Information

EGR 484: Multi-Disciplinary Capstone

Hyster-Yale Group Load-Dimensioning System