Chloe Tanega

Publication Date

Spring 2019

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Alexa Dare


Communication Studies


College of Arts and Sciences


Through an examination of pilot episodes from two primetime television shows told from the perspective of people of color, this study looks closely at how microaggressions are displayed and engaged with. Through a discourse analysis in combination with critical race theory, the way in which microaggressions are made visual help legitimize the impact these microaggressions have for people of color in everyday life. By looking at Black-ish and Fresh Off the Boat, the study showed how people of color silently react to this silent form of racism. There is a depicted struggle prevalent in both shows as the characters of color must assimilate to predominantly white environments. These television shows provide counternarratives to the common, mainstream narrative seen through a white lens as depicted on most primetime television shows.


Microaggressions; Television; Racism on television

Publication Information

CST 435 Capstone Project.

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Student Project