Publication Date

Fall 2018

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Alexa Dare


Communication Studies


College of Arts and Sciences


Student groups working within a broader institution may experience positive outcomes, negative outcomes, or a mixture of the two. This research looks at the question of: what does the culture of student groups within the institution look like and how do they perform within a possible unsupportive broader institution? The problem at hand is the question under research, ‘Is the institution effectively guiding student-led groups attempting to implement change within the institution and on campus, or is the institution hindering the growth, impact, and importance of student-led clubs and boards on campus?’ Data was collected through qualitative interviews with student leaders at a private university in the Pacific Northwest. All data collected was thoroughly analyzed through the lens of structuration theory. The data uncovered themes of support/collaboration on behalf of the university, student/self-led initiative and engagement, and non-support. Although these findings look like separate entities, they influence each other. This research is crucial because it can help provide an understanding to the culture of student groups and how they interact with the broader institution that they operate under.

Author Supplied Keywords

Institution, Students, Groups, Clubs, Culture, Identity, Change


Group identity; College students--Societies and clubs; Corporate culture

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Organizational Communication Capstone Project

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Student Project