Emma Finnigan

Publication Date

Fall 2018

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Alexa Dare


Communication Studies


College of Arts and Sciences


The research conducted is based on the tensions created within a B-Corporation organization that also needs to keep in mind their social and environmental responsibility when making decisions about stakeholders. The question that guided my research was how does employee experience become affected by the pressure of many stakeholders within a B-Corp organization and how does this impact communication at the company. The data was analyzed from qualitative interviews with four employees, field notes of various environments, and artifacts found throughout the space. The disconnect between the perceptions and reality experienced by subjects in various roles within the organization showed that a lack of structure to properly hear and voice opinions resulted in more tensions between stakeholders. Pursuing a conflict model that acknowledges an employee focused communication system is needed in order for employees to speak up in a meaningful and inclusive manner is imperative to balancing multiple stakeholders in a way that is beneficial to all involved.

Author Supplied Keywords

B-corporations, Employee, Organizational communication, Internal, External, Stakeholders


Corporate culture; Work environment

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Communication Capstone Project.

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Student Project