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My study aims to discover the relationship between role ambiguity and team cohesion in a sports setting. I hypothesize that role ambiguity and team cohesion possess a negative correlation, that is, when team members experience role ambiguity, and then team cohesion is high. Alternatively, low levels of role ambiguity correlate with low levels of team cohesion. Ambiguity was measured using a multi-dimensional construct which included a) scope of responsibilities, b) behavior to carry out role responsibilities c) how role performance will be evaluated, and d) the consequences of failing to fulfill role responsibilities. In order to test my hypothesis, sixty-six Division One Athletes participated in an online questionnaire. The survey included questions regarding the four dimensions role-ambiguity, team cohesion, and demographics. The results showed a significant relationship between role ambiguity and team cohesion. In particular ambiguity related to scope of responsibilities and behavior needed to fulfill those responsibilities showed a significant relationship to team cohesion. My study suggests the importance of creating awareness about team roles and their effects on team cohesion. Implications of these findings and future research are further discussed.

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role ambiguity, team cohesion

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CST 416: Conflict and Negotiation Capstone Project

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