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Alexa Dare


Communication Studies


College of Arts and Sciences


This paper aims to explore, understand, and put to practice a set of guided questions designed to instill the necessary intercultural communication skills one needs when partaking in some sort of an intercultural interaction within a Christian church mission environment. Through the accumulation and dissection of past literature this paper has created a set of linear questions for church officials to read, understand, and apply to their training prior to and action in mission work across borders. This paper describes and supports a workshop that will allow said church officials to create, improve, and better understand their intercultural competencies, which will, in turn, help them be more efficient in their mission work and will help them get more enjoyment out of the way they are able to interculturally interact.


Intercultural communication--Religious aspects--Christianity; Interdenominational cooperation; Missions

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CST 431: Intercultural Communication & Identity

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Student Project