Globalization in a Sports Management Software Environment

Gabriel J. Herencia Carrasco

CST 533: Organization Communication Capstone Project


This purpose of this research was to identify that there is no definite version of a definition for Globalization. The origins of the word was used to describe economic-political phenomenon, leaving aside the impact of and on the cultural elements. The other purpose of this research was to identify how globalization is perceived outside of the academic constraints, on how it influences small organizations and people at the individual level. This was achieved through cross-referencing various academic definitions and interpretations of globalization that were later contrasted and compared with the definitions of the interviewed employees of a sports management organization, where they were asked about their perception of its terminology and how its presence affected their professional and personal lives. Though a definite answer was not achieved, evidence that small organizations, the individual person and other cultural elements have a more active role on globalization was encountered. To this point, this research is a first step into better understanding the nature of globalization and how there are more forces exerted to it that become a part of its definition, should be studied not only within the confines of academia, but at its practical environment as well.