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Spring 2014


Technology and face-to-face communication used together were found to create stronger interpersonal relationships as maintenance strategies helped strengthen those interpersonal bonds. The research topic focused on for this study viewed how technology would affect college students face-to-face encounters and their overall interpersonal relationships. The research questions involved how does computer- mediated communication and face-to-face communication affect college students’ interpersonal relationship communication styles and how are communication styles affected by computer-mediated communication. These questions helped create a set for interview protocol where two college students from the Pacific Northwest were interviewed. The methodology also included observing students in a dining hall atmosphere. The results stemming from the interviews and observations found how non-verbal communication and relational maintenance are key factors when using technology and face-to-face communication when in an interpersonal relationship. The conclusions for this study showed by using both computer-mediated communication and face-to-face communication have greater relational maintenance and positivity for interpersonal relationships.

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