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Dr. Natalie Nelson-Marsh


Communication Studies


College of Arts and Sciences


In this day and age questions of identity and questions of politics seem to become more and more intertwined. Accordingly, the interrogation of these interrelated concepts deserves investigation. This study seeks to understand how people through communication are able to negotiate between personal and political identities. Through qualitative methods of analysis and using the lens of facework theory, it was discovered that people go through a three-part process of identification, performance and justification of their personal and political identities which have significance for both Tracy and Trethewey’s model of crystalized identity but also for facework theory. Though this theory does have significant theoretical significance, data collection was conducted during a pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, its practical theory is very limited.

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Identity, Political identity, Identity negotiation, Facework, Communication, Crystalized identity


Communication in politics; Identity (Psychology)--Political aspects; Interpersonal communication; Communication--Sociological aspects

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Organizational Communication Capstone Project.

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