Autumn Fluetsch

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Dr. Natalie Nelson-Marsh


Communication Studies


College of Arts and Sciences


This study focused on how environmental advertising constructs messages and shapes reality for consumers. Guided by discourse theory, this study used critical discourse analysis to examine and thematize images of environmental advertisements, resulting in the four themes of personalizing, personification, time, and shock value over specifics. From these findings and their analysis, it became clear that today’s consumers of environmental advertising are in a predicament: these advertisements create unwarranted feelings of responsibility, blame, and pressure, while simultaneously falling short in offering substantive advice on how to make meaningful change. To address this twofold problem, this study created a guide to be a more critical consumer of media, as well as a suggested media campaign to offer a better approach to environmental advertising.


Green marketing; Marketing--Sociological aspects; Advertising--Psychology; Advertising--Influence

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Organizational Communication Capstone Project.

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Student Project