Publication Date

Spring 2015

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Ross Hanig


Pamplin School of Business Administration




This paper is an attempt to replicate the findings of a study done by Drs. Esther Duflo, Pascaline Dupas, and Michael Kremer published in 2007. The primary question of this study is to determine if, by hiring low-cost local contract teachers, Kenyan school districts can improve student achievement and counteract classroom overcrowding that has been an issue since the removal of school fees in the country. I am also testing an additional hypothesis, whether students assigned to the contract teacher are less likely to drop out. I find, along with the previous study, that the hiring of a local contract teacher improves student learning for students assigned to the extra teacher by a statistically significant amount. Additionally, the students assigned to the contract teacher have a 3.7% lower attrition rate.


Academic achievement; Employee selection

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Student Project

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