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Journal of the Academy of Business Education

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Spring 2018


Higher-education institutions have been asked to go beyond the classroom and provide a better return on investment for students. With no line item in the budget, the Pamplin School of Business of the University of Portland linked both formation of the person and professional development by creating a mechanism of a credit-based program designed to marry theoretical, self-assessment, and experiential learning. Students engage in a series of holistic processes and professional development coursework challenging them to find and fulfill their potential while effectively exploring the core question of the university, “Who am I?” Between 2012 and 2016, 93 percent of business students acquired a vocational career position within six months of graduation, maximizing their education investment.

This article is dedicated to the student workers who were instrumental in assisting in the development and implementation of the program. This program could not have been developed without them. These workers include Dani Remy Baker, Jasmine Dudley, Larissa Woods, Brooke Murphy, Cole Preece, and Amanda Stowe. The graphics in the paper are by Cole Preece

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Experiential Learning, Employment Outcomes, Pedagogy, College Students, Financial Wellness, Teaching, Professional Development


Business schools--Students; Career development

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