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The Americas Conference on Information Systems

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This study aims to provide a systematic framework with which business organizations learn to develop and retain competent IT personnel. Derived from both IT academics and practices, the proposed model is to evaluate the role of Information Technology (IT) leaders in such dynamics. The study focuses on examining how leadership behaviors on the part of IT managers/executives influence their IT personnel to develop and enhance relevant skills and their perception of work. This will, in turn, increase IT personnel’s needs satisfaction, quality-of-work-life (QWL), to improve the chance of retaining competent IT personnel.The contribution of this study is two-folds: 1) it provides IT leadership studies with effective IT leadership model developing competent IT personnel and 2) it also provides IT practitioners with valuable insights on how to make IT personnel be satisfied with their work and retain them in the long-run.

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IT Leadership, IT Personnel, Requisite Skills, Quality of Work-life, Intention to Stay


Employee retention; Information technology; Personnel management

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Association for Information Systems Conference Paper, 2013.

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