Fall 2018

Faculty Advisor

Kristina Young


College of Arts & Sciences


Department of Biology


This project focuses on improving tumor in vivo imaging techniques. It is difficult to accurately in vivo image orthotopic tumors using CT scans alone. Muriglo provides the capability to visualize in vivo bioluminescent signals emanating from intact tissues. We can coregister CT scans captured with the SARRP with luciferase signals captured with the Muriglo and locate tumor isocenters for image-guided radiation. We may then direct radiation to neoplastic tissue while also sparing the maximum amount of healthy tissue. To do this we must genetically engineer cells to express luciferase. We propose a protocol to use a retrovirus to create stable cell lines that express firefly luciferase for bioluminescence. We will also determine the optimal dosage of the G418 antibiotic for selection.


Biology--Research; Tumors; Oncology; Bioluminescence

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A Summer Research Celebration Project

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Student Project