On Demand Engineering

Title of Internship Talk

On Demand Engineering

Student Information

Miriam Ann Micek



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Primary Mentor

Brian Easton

Mentor Organization

HP Incorporated

Internship Title

R&D Engineering Tool Design and Fabrication Technician Apprenticeship

Internship Dates

Summer 2022

Presentation Date


Talk Description

On Demand Engineering is a presentation that covers some of what I did on the Engineering and Operations Services team at HP Inc. through the example of a project I worked on. During the presentation I go step-by-step through the design process to show how I applied it to my project, which was to design a part that would protect a tool used by HP in their Research and Development. After presenting on that project, I briefly cover other skills and knowledge I acquired, such as NRTL regulations and wiring an electrical cabinet.

On Demand Engineering